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Ireland (with London)

Come visit with us and see why this is called the Emerald Isle

Explore this much loved island and maybe share a pint a Guiness in a local and enjoy the music.
Highlights :-
Dublin, Cork, The Cliffs of Moher, Limerick, Galway, Derry, Belfast and Giants Causeway

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Join the fun with tours, pubs and music.


15 October 2021: Arrival in Dublin

Dates: At this point, we are working with October 15, but this may be adjusted by a few days. As travel restrictions lift, we will be much more specific. Set aside the last two weeks of October!

Welcome to Ireland!

This will be a custom trip organized by Mannings Coaches and 2me Tours. We will use a full-size coach, but will cap the group to a ratio of two seats per person. All hotels will be of a superior class and always include a full Irish breakfast.


We are planning comprehensive, fun days of touring and of course pub time and music. A few of the highlights will be:


- Dublin

- Cork (where 'Twomey' comes from)

- The Ring of Kerry and Killarney (of course)

- The Cliffs of Moher

- A visit to Limerick (where a man once came from)

- Galway and Irish-speaking Connemara

- The walled City of Derry

- Belfast and of course the Titanic Museum

- The Giant's Causeway

- So much craic (fun in the Irish language), you won't want to leave

- and much more...

This will be a 10 day tour, with a four day extension to London - meaning two fun, peaceful and entertaining weeks in one of the friendliest and safest places on earth.


You will fly in and out of Dublin (or out of Belfast) and we can help with your flight itinerary.

It will be priced extremely well, with an eye to a higher-end trip.


As so many of you know, we want to balance experience with fun and freedom. We always reserve the right to change elements of the trip to add more as per everyone's interests!


These tours generally mix some of the nicest people from North America, the UK and Europe. Singles, couple and families are always welcome.


If you are new to the 2me tours experience, you will be welcomed with open arms and will make friends for life. This is just a fact.


For our frequent-flyers, this is a chance for us all to get back together.

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