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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Bear Country

Just the other day, my uncle Graham and I went looking for salamanders. We caught two little salamander nymphs in a tiny pond, near Canmore. I will take care of them until they mature and will then release them back into the wild!

This year in grade 3, I had the chance to do a few projects of my own choice. My friend Dylan and I decided to study poaching – another name for illegal hunting.

Cougar in Area

Sadly, it remains a problem here in Alberta, as well as throughout North America, and around the world. In Alberta there is a website: dedicated to preventing this crime. Most provinces and states have similar sites that can easily be found on the internet.

While researching for our project, we watched a documentary film about Virunga National Park located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the the documentary, the British oil exploration company SOCO International was accused of supporting poaching and not respecting environmental protection in the area.

The documentary also highlights the extremely hard job of the few Park Rangers trying to protect the mountain gorillas that live in the national park.

This year for my birthday party, instead of receiving presents, I chose to collect donations to support Virunga. Altogether we managed to raise $250 to help protect the home of these amazing mountain gorillas. If you would like to support Virunga, please donate at: and always please report a poacher!

Virunga – Official Trailer 2014 from Grain Media on Vimeo.

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