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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

So why we have changed our format after a month? The explanation is easy and that’s why we are writing this blog.

Twomey Travel uses WordPress as our Content Management System. As many of you know, WordPress offers hundreds of thousands of templates and it is a hard work to find THE one. Our soft launch was so successful we received thousands of page views in under one month and as a consequence, the template proved too slow. As Patrick travels through so many destinations, we found the previous page had trouble loading in regions with limited bandwidth.

The solution was to change the framework and template. Twomey Travel is now running on Genesis Framework, a robust and powerful WordPress framework that will do what we expect the site to do and will help the site perform the way we would like it to.

And now our logo! I quickly built the ‘first’ one to make sure we had something in place. Maria Claudia Fialho, a young and talented Brazilian designer, designed the logo you see now – and all being well, it will stay with us many years to come. Colourful and fun, it reflects our brand and our spirit, with a subtle T created from the airplane movement.



We never did an official launch of the site, so we decided that this was the perfect opportunity to launch the site with a proper template and logo. We hope you enjoy our choices and keep visiting us – Patrick is a machine when creating content and his work takes him to many different places a year. Please follow along and if you would like to contribute, please send us your travel blogs and thoughts!

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