The Mayan Triangle - time for an apology and understanding

Updated: 2 days ago

Protecting the border, caravans, criminals and sovereignty. Most of this obtuse rhetoric targets people from three countries; Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Ancient pyramids in Guatemala

*It should be noted that for decades, US policy toward Cuba was the exact opposite, in fact encouraging people to risk their lives to cross the border (wet feet - dry feet).

So let's talk about these three countries. Collectively they are home to nearly 33 million people living in an area roughly half the size of Wyoming (home to less than 1 million). The indigenous people of the region - the Maya - have one of the richest mathematical legacies anywhere on earth and much of the land in the region is fertile and actively volcanic.

These are not pseudo-communist states and they are deeply Christian. In fact these three

All three countries are roughly 50% evangelical

countries are overwhelmingly the most evangelical protestant places outside of the United States anywhere in the Americas.

This is no accident. These were also the true Banana Republics. Their land, their people, their wealth simple vessels for a few elite - often foreign - to become extremely wealthy.

Stepping back for moment, let's offer a personal perspective on the region. I first learned Spanish in the north of Guatemala (20 years ago there were 10 million people in that country, now nearly 17 million).