Springtime in the Rockies – or June, July, Winter!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Finn Twomey

This morning I went mountain biking along the trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre. I was surprised not to see any snow or even any skiers (aside from roller-skiers). Of course there is still snow in the mountains, but when biking around I realized the snow is really gone!

Because winter is so long here, it always feels strange to feel summer’s arrival.

Sometimes joke: June, July – winter, but in reality, August and September are also beautiful.  June is our rainy season and while our region is dry, we did have major floods in 2013.

My birthday is in June and the school year also ends in June, so it is a month I welcome happily. Also, at the end of June my Dad and I are travelling first to Oregon for a camp and then onto Alaska!

If you want to learn more about our home in the Rockies, please visit the dad’s blog. If you plan to visit the Rockies over the summer, I recommend hiking Ha Ling Peak, walking along the Bow River and if you are young, fly off a ramp into our skatepark!

If you are hungry, I recommend Mii Sushi, Chez Francois (for excellent breakfast or dinner) and, in Banff, Silver Dragon Chinese.

As a warning, eating out can be very expensive in the Rockies with a hamburger costing over $15. Fortunately I love Asian and French food!

The video below was produced by Graham Twomey

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