Sea Turtles!!!!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Turtle Park in Costa Rica

This fellow is a freshwater turtle, enjoying the sun!

On Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, not far from the border with Nicaragua, is a magically lush region of birds, sloths and indeed giant turtles.


The lush environment at the Pachira Lodge in Tortuguero Park. Honestly, and excellent hotel!

Costa Rica is a successful case study of education and environmental stewardship. Banning its army in 1949, the country directed that spending to literacy and economic development. Everyone now reads and writes and its incredible biodiversity is celebrated through a network of National Parks and a vibrant eco-tourism sector.

The Caribbean side of the country is distinctly wet and one must expect heavy rain when visiting a lush rain forest. When the rain stops, everyone and everything finds a spot in the sun!



On every visit, I have been fortunate to see countless species of birds, so many reptiles including iguanas, monkeys (the howlers often provide a wake-up call), cayman and even large crocodiles, and on this particular trip, baby giant turtles leaving their nest and scampering to the sea!

The structure of the region is fascinating. There are a few volcanic cones dotting the intensely green landscape, but much of the environment is defined by the fish water rivers and canals which are framed by the Caribbean / Atlantic coast.

With both fresh and salt water in a relatively small area, the biodiversity is remarkable.

I have always stayed at the Pachira Lodge (named after a beautiful flower) and the environmental stewardship is impressive. On this particular visit, it rained more than normal in this extremely wet region, but the tropical rain is warm and musical. When the rain stops, the animals come out to sun themselves and, for the first time, I was fortunate enough to see baby turtles migrating to the sea! What an honour!

Please enjoy these photos and video 🙂

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