Peruvian Cuisine

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Peruvian cuisine has become famous around the world. It is known for ceviche (basically raw fish in vinegar), trout, alpaca and cuy – guinea pigs!

anticucho de corazon (heart kebabs)

anticucho de corazon (heart kebabs)

While I lived in Peru I tried a lot of delicious food and some not-so-great food. My tastes changed over time but my favourite dishes included alpaca steak on a hot lava stone with a bunch of sauces and potatoes (which started in the Andes) or trout with herbal butter and lemon.

You can get sick of quinoa everyday, so think of that trout fillet or salmon ceviche and switch restaurants often!

I also ate cow’s hearts. It doesn’t sound very good, but the meat is delicious.

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