My Sporty Mind

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Even though I have been eating a lot and a lot of yummy foods like mangoes, passion fruit, guava juice, rasher bacon and ice cream down here in Australia, I still have my sporty mind.

I have been swimming 2-3 times a day and even though my Uncle’s pool is not very big I still get lots of fun exercise playing volleyball, water polo and doing swimming challenges.

I’m not amazing or even great at skateboarding but I have been going to the skate-park each morning. I have learned a few new tricks and I enjoy it a lot. I’ve also met some grown-ups who are just learning as well so we help each other.

Why should you care?

Because if you keep a sporty life and stay healthy you will have lots of fun! I assure you that your life will be better!!!

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