More Fun in the Canadian Rockies

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

At home in The Rockies.

Peyton Lake

Beautiful, turquoise, Peyto Lake

This has been a beautiful summer close to home in the Rockies. Of course compared to most of my friends, I continue to travel virtually non-stop, but sleep in my own bed at least once a week!

Moraine Lake

A reflective moment at Moraine Lake


My friendly group on Surprise Corner in Banff!

The weather in western Canada has certainly been predictably unpredictable this year. After the oppressive heat and terrible fires in Fort MacMurray this spring, Calgary officially broke its July rainfall record.

Finally the skies stabilized, and through August we have enjoyed magnificent views.

My current and previous tour groups have enjoyed the Rockies in all their glory. The first real day of rain in nearly two weeks meant fresh snow on the mountains around the Columbia Icefields.

We keep discussing the fires in California, heatwaves in Ontario and the North East USA and floods in Louisiana. A little snow feels quite pleasant when framed by extreme weather in the rest of the continent.

Calgary Tower

Looking down on the glass floor at the Calgary Tower

The Canadian Rockies have proven a very popular destination in recent years. A weakened Canadian dollar in conjunction with political instability elsewhere has contributed to record numbers of visitors.


Maligne Lake, Jasper

It is an honour to share my corner of the world with so many people who enjoy our environment, services and society.


Rocky Mountain Rainbows

From Calgary and Edmonton al the way west to beautiful Vancouver (click here for more about Vancouver), Canada’s western provinces are wild, open and beautiful. We are more afraid of a random bear encounter than a terrorist attack!

But of course most visitors really want to see a bear :).

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