Iceland – The Land of Ice & Fire

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Þetta reddast (it will all work out)

Hence, ‘Land of Ice’ 

Magic. Elves, hidden people, real people… Iceland has to be one of the most special, yet accessible places on our fair planet.

Located at the (extreme) northern end of the Mid-Atlantic rift, the island (or I suppose archipelago) of Iceland is a volcanic smudge at the top of the greatest tectonic rift on our planet. Everything about Iceland is remarkable. 

Almost everything on the island nation is expensive. Not by accident, or even by design, but rather by the structure. 350,000 people perched precariously upon a nascent land is complicated. In true Scandinavian manner, the country provides for all its citizens. Roads, healthcare, education and governance, Iceland is oft-rated the most peaceful society on earth. Icelanders have achieved virtual gender parity, an impressive life expectancy and a virtually crime-free society.