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Updated: Dec 28, 2020


The little plane for the flight over Darian: the army came out to guard it

Analytics and Darian.

I recently enjoyed a visit from a good friend who lives in the UK. He has worked in writing and editing most of his career and was responsible for me writing ‘Working and Living in Canada.’

Together we had fun exploring the analytics behind this website, and while I do know how to look at general numbers, John showed me some of the more revealing acquisitions statistics.

As expected, more recent articles have been visited most recently. The vast majority of readers logically come from English speaking areas and happily over 80% of our acquisition is organic (found articles through searching for information).

We are fortunate to have a very high repeat visit rate (thank you) and, on average, visitors visit three pages. Even if they disagree, we are at least engaging :)!

The one interesting anomaly is our single most visited page: Drugs, Prostitution & the American Dream.


Looking over the Panama Canal from the air

Darian Gap.

I wrote this short, sad and rather pensive post after travelling through the Darian Gap between Panama & Colombia. What I expected to be a jungle adventure, offered a slight window into the tragic world of human trafficking.

I am always interested by how many visitors the site has from Panama, but not terribly surprised. Few writers have crossed the Darian Gap, yet I am sure many travellers consider the route. Logically these articles appear on their searches.

I have many nice and interesting things to say about Panama and I always look forward to returning (next trip Nov. 15), but there is no doubt it is a major destination for prostitution and smuggling. Consequently, those looking for such services also enjoy visiting Panama and may come across the article while looking for more … specific services.

One would hope some of these articles may offer a pause for thought before participating in sexual tourism. Perhaps not.

When I was last in Miami’s Little Havana I spoke with several Cubans who had followed the route from Ecuador to the USA. These conversations were particularly interesting as the so-called ‘wet-feet / dry-feet’ accord (if Cubans touch US soil they can stay), may soon change with the opening of relations.

There are very few demographics on Earth who may speak authoritatively about crossing the Darian Gap, yet hundreds – if not thousands – of Miami’s residents have done so.

The journey is hot and dangerous. Some had travelled via Puerto Obaldia as I did (where the border is extremely strict, but not corrupt), but others had trekked all the way through the jungle. I did not manage to find this route.

As the politics surrounding Cuban migration evolve, Nicaragua has been halting the trek north of Cuban migrants.

For the many Colombians, Venezuelans and Dominican Republicans who work the streets, bars and casinos in Panama, they may not have a final destination. Perhaps they have the money to fly there, or perhaps they have to pay it back. However their lives have evolved, I continue to wonder if they feel it has been the right choice. Or if they ever had a choice …


Chavez in Nicaragua. The collapse of Venezuela has contributed to massive migrations of people

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