Fort McMurray Fires

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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Fort McMurray Fires

I have had several inquiries from friends around the world who have heard the news of Alberta burning. From a personal point of view, the fires are hundreds of kilometres away, so we are as safe as can be, but the tragedy is of epic proportions.

Here in the south of the province the wind has shifted from the north – I assume from the extreme heat and dry winds, causing the horrific fires.

On a human level, there has been one serious car accident with two fatalities, but so far no deaths in Fort Mac. The stories of human kindness are wonderful to hear.

Stations giving away all their gasoline for free, no-one being left behind, animals being cared for and the impressive mayor of Edmonton stating unequivocally they will receive absolutely everyone.

These are seminal times for a society. We have not done much, but we have donated to the Red Cross. Please give what you can, if you can:

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