Food & Drink in the Canadian Rockies

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

As a guide and tour operator, so many questions I receive are food related.

The Twomey Brothers

The Twomey Brothers enjoying a wine from the Twomey Cellars in Calfornia

There is always bias in taste and I certainly have my preferences (I prefer thin-crust pizza, light cheese and always order steaks medium-rare to rare), however, my culinary view of this region is seen through the eyes of visitors from the UK, Europe, the USA, Latin America, Asia and across Canada.


Salmon at El Toro in Banff

Canada may have very few of its own truly national dishes (poutine!), but we are a wealthy, educated, immigrant-based society and our children grow up being exposed to so many different foods. From the predictable days of meat and potatoes (or fish and potatoes), Canada may now arguably be a culinary destination. Over the last two weeks, I have eaten Japanese (sushi is everywhere), Alberta beef, French duck, a gourmet hamburger, Brazilian BBQ and more salmon than I can remember. This is typical. Tonight we are preparing elk.