Florida in Depth – So Much More

Updated: Dec 28, 2020


Saint Augustine

I recently returned to Florida to lead another comprehensive tour of the Sunshine State. As a mountain person, flat Florida is slightly out of my regular environment, yet I enjoy my time there immensely.

In Florida I swim, jog, eat, listen to music, speak Spanish, tan, watch wildlife, laugh and play. Service is excellent and almost everyone who lives there appears to love their choice.

As one of the most touristed places on earth, the peninsula-state is well known, yet so often visitors pick their destination and stay a week or two.

I think there is so much merit in touring around Florida.


Sunset in Key West – a magical tradition

The region offers three major bodies of water – the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf – each with its own character and beaches. Inland is dotted with lakes (watch for crocodiles) and of course the everglades

The Keys are coral and really special.

It is incredible to think that Florida of 120 years ago was a sparsely populated backwater of the United States. Now it is the third most populous state and continues to grow