Culinary Britain – Really, Worth the Trip (seriously)!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Ah British food…

Lamb & Yorkshire pudding – a classic Sunday lunch

At its best, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (something I really do enjoy). At its typical, fried scampi & chips in a smoky pub, or perhaps a Wimpy Burger (virtually nonexistent these days).

Other regional delicacies include mushy peas, bubble and squeak (fried leftovers from a roast dinner), the less appealing sounding ‘spotted-dick’ (a dessert or pudding), and the iconic fried fish and chips.

The unofficial national dish of England is chicken tikka masala – a dish of distinctly South Asian roots.

All this can be washed down with a warm, flat pint of bitter beer. Yum.

Perfect duck magret (breast) at a reasonable price

Yet in our modern world, I will argue, the United Kingdom in general, and England more specifically has gone through a culinary revolution. It is now genuinely worth a trip just for the food.