Colombia & Panama Trip 2018

Updated: Dec 28, 2020


Looking towards a hopeful future in Colombia

Dear Friends,

We are planning an exciting (and extremely safe) Colombia / Panama trip this Nov.

I have been asked to put together a Colombia-Panama trip and there will be some limited spaces available for others to join in!


Medellin’s thoughtful art

Several years ago I did a contract in tourism development for the regional government based in Medellin. Since then I have returned several times and am keen to share the country with you. Panama was once part of the ‘Greater Colombia’ and a logical part of this two-week trip.

On this tour, we are planning four locations, three altitudes, two countries, and so much fun! All hotels will be FOUR-STAR and we will fly between locations.

Bogota from atop Monserrate

You will fly into Bogota – Colombia’s sprawling capital. During our time there, we will tour the city, climb Monserrate (or take the cable car), visit the Salt Mines at Zipaquira and visit the famous Gold Museum.

Then we fly to (in)famous Medellin in the lush valleys of central Colombia. Over four nights we will explore this enticing city, its Escobar history, its art and coffee culture.

From Medellin, we fly down to the Cartagena – Colombia’s Caribbean resort region. Here we will tour the city, visit Rosarios islands and enjoy some November sun.


Healthy Colombian seafood

Then onto Panama! The flight is only 1.15 hours. Panama is either the Switzerland or the Dubai of the Americas – depending upon one’s point of view. It is literally a country cut in half.


The Panama Canal

During our two nights / three days we will, of course, explore the Canal itself, but also the old & new towns and even allow a little time for shopping (for those who like that sort of thing).

At the moment we are planning a Nov. 15 arrival to Bogota, flying home from Panama Nov. 27. We have been pricing it for people coming from North America and Europe. We will have a booking form and specific pricing details soon. The group will be capped at 25.

Please contact me directly to reserve!                                                                         

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