Chile 2017 (mostly photos)

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Most of my group in windy Torres del Paine – so much fun!

Fresh water icebergs on Lake Grey, Torres del Paine

It is always sad to leave beautiful Chile – and on this occasion, I actually thought I may be staying longer.

Whilst on the ‘most isolated inhabited place on Earth’ – Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and extremely friendly, yet serious protest took over the airport. Apparently the local airline manager was fired and his loyal friends and staff disagreed. For several hours they played music, sang and prevented boarding.

Moai on Rapa Nui. So much to contemplate.

Two planes on Easter Island at the same time 😉

All I could think is I would miss my flight the following day .. but alas all ended well. Despite some intense sleep deprivation, we are all fine and I’m on my way back to winter and my family!

This trip was excellent. Chile is not a budget destination, but for those who choose to take such a comprehensive tour, they are rewarded with some of the most dramatic natural landscapes anywhere.

I have already written extensively about the regions, so this is more of a photo journal of this latest trip. Over 3 weeks, the group (27 in this case) grow very close and become intimately familiar with Santiago’s airport 😉

If you are interested in particular regions:

Here is Santiago

Some fun in Valparaiso – Chile’s original capital is famous for murals (and stray dogs)

Colourful Valparaiso

Memories of Chile’s dicatorship …

Preparing delicious seafood in the Central Market of Santiago

Here is the Atacama

Morning gysers at 4000 meters!

One foot in the tropics 🙂

Spectacular sunsets

Here is the Lake District & Chiloe

Osorno volcano on Lake Llanquihue. Perfect

Chiloe’s UNESCO churches

‘Curanto’ an ancient style of cooking. Yum

Friendly sea lions in Puerto Montt

Here is Patagonia

You were expecting a handstand! This was fun in 90km winds!

Sheering sheep

There can never be too many penguins 😉

Kissing Magellan’s toe – this mean I will return to Puntas Arenas (and I will)

Here is Rapa Nui (Easter Island)


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