Ceviche- the most popular South American food

Updated: Dec 28, 2020



Delicious, fresh Ceviche (this was with sea bass)

Ceviche is a classic South American raw fish dish (but ‘cooked’ a different way).

It uses raw fish and or seafood that has been marinated in lime juice and mixed with veggies and other ingredients. It is very popular throughout Central and South America and is even the national food of Peru.


Making fresh mixed ceviche on the beach

It is served in thousands of restaurants and food stands from Mexico to the bottom of Chile. Each place and region puts a different twist on their recipe and people (especially Peruvians) can be very competitive about the quality of their ceviche!

Ceviche can be made with many ingredients and there is even a vegetarian/vegan variety.  The most popular versions of seafood ceviche include shrimp, clam and of course, fish.