Canadian Independence - the time has come

It is time for Kings and Queens to take their place in history books and museums

It would seem Julie Payette is a really unpleasant person. Incredibly impressive on paper, the former astronaut seemed like a good choice for Governor General of the country.

As the constitutional Head of State (well, specifically the Head of State's representative), a bilingual, female astronaut sent all the right messages about gender parity, education, language and Canada's youthful, forward-looking ethos.

Sadly, Payette turned out to be a bully and aggressively disinterested in setting a tone of inclusion. But then, inclusion in terms of monarchy means a strict class structure designed by birth, colonial military power and pre-determined stations in life. I would not define Canadian values in such terms.

Let's just take a step back and have a look at the current situation;

Apparently there are still unelected monarchs in the world. Even more surprising, some otherwise reasonable people think hereditary peerage is a good thing.

Scratched and un-noticed, but still always there