Campbell River – Saving the Planet One Sip at a Time!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Campbell River, Vancouver.

Sunset on the Discovery Passage

Sunset on the Discovery Passage

Enjoying my first few days off in months, my family and I headed to north-central Vancouver Island for some of the best scenery – and beautiful sea kayaking – on Earth.

The many islands that dot the so-called Inside Passage can be incredibly beautiful and the water (just) warm enough to swim in.

The largest city ‘up-Island’ is Campbell River. Yes, during the winter months it rains virtually everyday, but for much of the year, this fine, small city is situated in one of the most beautiful settings I have encountered in all of my travels.

So how is Campbell River saving the world? By encouraging its residents to enjoy its delicious and clean tap water, rather than buying plastic.

What a perfect advertisement for the environment

What a perfect advertisement for the environment

We pay enough taxes to ensure a civil society and guarantee clean drinking water. Public taps make this accessible.

Anyone who has travelled throughout Asia, Africa or Latin America has to be touched by the thousands of tons of plastic strewn about beaches, in rivers and around towns.

A) Drinking water is a right – not a privilege,


B) Plastic is a menace to our oceans, air and entire environment.

Companies such as Coke and Pepsi are already guilty of contributing massively to the obesity epidemic and, when you look at plastic bottles the world over, those companies are often behind the ‘water market’ in most countries. Turning profit often from the poorest people.

Not spending money to buy plastic bottles in order to consume water (that is often perfectly good) out of the tap, is one of the easiest steps in helping our assaulted environment.

Here on Canada’s West Coast we are somewhat insulated from the shaking environmental extremes being experienced globally. Nevertheless, our salmon stocks are at risk from warming ocean temperatures and pollution.

Us boys trying to find balance on driftwood

Us boys trying to find balance on driftwood

I would love to kayak around Quadra for several more days – fishing, swimming and sporting eagles. Today we will drive south to spend time with family in Victoria.

Finn Kayaking in Hariot Bay, Quadra Island

Finn Kayaking in Hariot Bay, Quadra Island

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