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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Electoral reform was promised and it is expected.

Traditionally I have not supported the Liberal Party of Canada, but I did lend some tepid (published) support in the last election in the hope of changing the political landscape in our ‘Great White North.’

Since the election I have been reasonably happy with our new government, but am always concerned they offer window-dressings, rather than substance. Certainly Mr. Trudeau seems more of a celebrity, than an informed leader. But time will tell. He is from my generation and advocates for the sort of society many of us want to live in.

HOWEVER, electoral reform was promised and we will not accept anything but a true system that reflects the views of all Canadians. Now in power, the Liberal Party are manipulating the process. By driving committee with their own appointees and advocating for a preferential vote system entirely biased to the middle-road party, they render the reform process entirely null and void.

This national government – who enjoys a majority with around 40% popular vote – must introduce a truly democratic, truly unbiased committee to oversee the implementation of a proportional voting system.

Here is my simple idea: we maintain our 13 jurisdictions (10 provinces & 3 territories), in each, their popular votes are divided between the parties based upon popular vote. A party must achieve a minimum of 5% popular vote in the particular jurisdiction in order to receive an allotted seat.

Certainly I am open to other suggestions, but we all need something that represents all views – even those we do not agree with!

If it is impossible, or (somehow) undesirable to abolish the Senate, certain elements of the upper chamber could be reserved for specific groups such as aboriginal Canadians. Get rid of all the lifetime appointees. Even the good ones. We are not a society of lords.

I honestly feel passionate enough about honest electoral reform that I would travel to Ottawa to stand with a placard on Parliament Hill. And my dear Liberal friends .. I will abandon your party forever.

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