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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

I am home safe and sound after an amazing vacation – and very long flight – to Australia and my dad’s frightening experience in Panama.

It is a good thing to come back and visit my friends and have some ‘boys time’ with my dad before he leaves for his next trip to Central America.

Each time I travel I do an experiment or project on the city or country I visit. This time I chose to do a project on World War 1 and the role my Tasmanian family played in the Great War. My Aussie Grandfather helped my to understand this family history.

Back home in the Rockies I like to see the the snowstorms behind the mountains and come in after sledding and have a warm hot chocolate.

It is interesting to think about what ‘home’ means. When I was living in Peru, my little adobe house felt like home, but returning to Canada feels like a home that no home can beat. It feels like I’m safe and loved with family and friends to enjoy. Here in the mountains I feel like I am truly at home.

As a traveller, I can make most places a temporary home, whether it be a friend’s house, a camp or a hotel, but in my own home I have my opinion and my choices.

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