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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

2019 Provincial General Election Election day is Tuesday April 16, 2019

I have deep Alberta roots. Genuinely – but this does not preclude other voices. My great-grandparents homesteaded in this province, before it was a province. My Auntie Gwen – and her lifetime friend and partner, Hilda, received gold coins in 1975 for having been born in Alberta in 1905 (the year we became a province). I used to sleep over at their house.

As children we helped on the ranch, we skied, played in the snow and of course played hockey. I learned to trust neighbours, bike to school and speak French.

My Dad was an immigrant and my mom’s deep roots in our province never once precluded welcoming someone new.

We were – we are – a land of opportunity and Alberta is better today than it was 100 years ago.

Women vote, schools are excellent, healthcare accessible and caring. My dad (my sick dad), who paid taxes and worked for years in Calgary is now cared for. We are bettering ourselves collectively.

I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth – and I know it! I own a small business located in our rocky mountains. I bring visitors to Alberta and I take people around the world. But this is my home. I believe in it, I pay taxes here and I will fight for our diversity and a sustainable future.

I do not want my province to be hijacked by narrow-minded, so-called ‘conservatives.’ I am a conservative – at least insofar as my Alberta values are real.

My Alberta is inclusive, positive and forward-looking. We should invest in our future, not just blame and focus on only one industry. This means infrastructure, healthcare, environment and economic diversification.

It also means a sustainable budget and a healthy Heritage Fund.

Premier Lougheed had a vision we all shared. Over time this was eroded to such an extent, we finally fired the conservatives after 44 years and increasing corruption and nepotism.

Ms. Notely is not perfect, but wow – what an incredible and real person. She didn’t cause oil prices to fall, but her government has walked us through a serious recession and has given Alberta a healthy voice nationally and internationally. We are proud of her.

This is our Alberta. Please don’t let Kenney’s narrow, bigoted – and honestly economically unsound vision scare me from my own home.

The so-called United Conservatives have already proven themselves corrupt and many of their candidates have voiced extreme positions so far outside the norms of Albertan or Canadian values as to render them a fringe, populist organization.

Kenny was a minister for 10 years in the Federal Goverment, yet no pipeline. All economists support a carbon tax and Alberta needs to be at the table.

Fossil fuels will be relevant at least another 20 years. Canada should support Alberta’s industry and Alberta should have a future vision for a longer term economy.

Kenny’s angry, combative and intolerant vision did not work federally and offers no vision for our children.

Let’s make a real choice for a positive future. I support Rachel Notley and reject scary populism. I know most of us share those same values. Let’s support the Alberta New Democrats.

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