A week in London with Dad

Updated: Dec 28, 2020


My trip to England began very well. We left our home in the Rockies and drove to the airport. Once on our Air Canada flight, we were lucky enough to have two full rows! A place for me to sleep, and a place for dad. Our flight even landed early.

I managed to fit in a good 4 hours of sleep on the 8 hour flight. That was all that I needed to get through my first day. Dad on the other hand, needed a 3 hour long afternoon nap and a rest on the couch.

What a dinner (with ‘uncle Richard’)

Once we arrived in London, we took the Heathrow Express right into the Westend (I had learn London is not just one city) and went for a fun lunch with friends on a canal boat.

The weather was a little grey, but the arrival into London was still very pretty. After lunch, we walked over to a true English pub. From there, we strolled around London for a while. We weren’t even 3 hours into our first day in London, and I was already having fun!