2018 Cuba Trip (for Americans)

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Take a break from the winter and discover Cuba.

A safe, friendly and extremely interesting tour experience. I will be helping with two arts-oriented trips to the island in late January / early February. Please email me or contact the gallery directly.

I helped to design these two trips personally. I want to do even more than usual to help support the recovery efforts in Cuba from hurricane Irma. Before the trip, we will be fundraising to support recovery efforts in the community of Remedios. The Caribbean islands were hammered by Hurricane Irma in September 2017. This left tens of thousands of people without water or electricity.

The Category 5 storm hit eastern parts of the island nation in early September this year. It then carried on, forging a destructive path from the Caribbean to the south coast of Florida. More than one million of the 11 million residents were evacuated while 120mph winds and 30ft waves wreaked havoc across larges swathes of the country. In the aftermath some residents had to return to complete devastation, and some areas may have had to wait weeks until the floods subsided.

For those interested in the ethics of travel to Cuba or any safety concerns, please click here.

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