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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Quarantine can be a little lonely

My specific quarantine began March 14 - just as I returned home from a trip to Mexico. We are now in the third week of January and are waiting anxiously for a vaccine and even open borders.

This Covid pause has been relatively easy here in the Canadian Rockies. Despite our industry (tourism) being closed down, we have access to the great outdoors and substantial government support. This has been a time for hiking, biking, skiing, sleeping and cooking. Not bad.

For those who work in travel - or who simply love to travel - a basically closed world has been challenging. So many front-line workers have been pushed far past mere exhaustion, and have done so much, whereas our part in this collective struggle is to simply isolate. What a world of extremes.

As we begin to look forward to a more open world, I thought it would be fun to develop a list of 10 places I would like to either return to, or even visit for the first time. Let me know yours!

So .. in no particular order:

1) A pint of Guinness at The Confession Box Pub in Dublin. Many consider this the best pint in Ireland and some good craic and lively conversation just sounds fun!

Some quality pub time

2) Beautiful British Colombia! I miss Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Canada’s pacific coast is so incredibly beautiful - and is relatively close - but I will wait to go west until we’re given an ‘all-clear’ from the government. Have a look at this article about magnificent Vancouver.

The Lions Gate Bridge as seen from Stanley Park

3) Any BBQ restaurant in Seoul, South Korea! Lively, fun and spicy. Seoul is a massive city full of friendly people and excellent food. The lively vibe of Korean BBQ sounds like so much fun - and the city itself can be explored for days.

So this is hot pot, but you get the idea!

4) Getting a shave in Cusco! The Inca capital is, of course, the gateway to Machu Picchu, but the city itself is loved by almost everyone who visits. Situated at above 3000 meters (10 000 feet) Cusco, is lush, green and beautiful. When I lived there for a year, I would go to a specific barber shop twice a week for a luxurious (and extremely affordable) shave. Also one of my favourite restaurants in the world in is Cusco (Uchu).

Beautiful Cusco

5) Southern Utah. Perhaps because we have such long winters here, I would love a few days of biking, hiking or even climbing in the dramatic canyon lands of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, with a hot sun and crisp blue sky!

Bryce Canyon

6) Madagascar. I’ve never been and I really would like to visit. - photo to come when I have been!

7) Ushuaia - on Argentine Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia is really the world’s most southerly city. I have only been once and really enjoyed it. Of course when visiting, a trip across to little Puerto Williams on the Chilean side of the straight really feels like being at the bottom of the world!

A trip to Ushuaia generally requires travelling through Buenos Aires - a wonderful city of for a few days.

Wandering through Patagonia

8) Beach time! Fiji or the Sunshine Coast, Australia, or Cuba and Miami (they go so well together) or hot water beach, Coromandel, New Zealand - this one is not tropical, but you take a shovel and a dig your very own hot pool in the sand. Plus New Zealand deserves our business as they have done so well with Covid.

Copacabana Beach
This was Rio last year ... Brazil is not on my list right now with Bolsonaro in power :(

9) Cuenca, Ecuador. This beautiful, higher altitude city in Southern Ecuador is among my favourite places anywhere - we have considered buying land near the city. Normally Finn studies Spanish in Cuenca each year and we have so much fun there. Ecuador is blessed to offer tropical coast, high mountains and amazon slope all is a relatively small area.

Cuenca, Ecuador
Safe, friendly, beautiful and fun

10) Southwest France. Specifically the Dordogne. This gorgeous region is home to my favourite food in France - indeed a duck-based diet! Bordeaux is just up the road and we can spend days exploring towns and villages - many built into cliffs - throughout the valleys. In fact, I may have to put a tour together!

Duck confit

So there is a start. Let me know where you are dreaming of travelling. I’ll publish another ‘top-ten’ ideas. Let’s get chatting ..

Also, please do remember we offer an independent travel-consulting service. Please book an hour with us, we can talk you through destinations, excursions and what to do!

And we’ll plan some virtual tours soon ;)

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