10 Travel Dreams - we're beginning to think about travel!

Updated: Mar 11

Quarantine can be a little lonely

My specific quarantine began March 14 - just as I returned home from a trip to Mexico. We are now in the third week of January and are waiting anxiously for a vaccine and even open borders.

This Covid pause has been relatively easy here in the Canadian Rockies. Despite our industry (tourism) being closed down, we have access to the great outdoors and substantial government support. This has been a time for hiking, biking, skiing, sleeping and cooking. Not bad.

For those who work in travel - or who simply love to travel - a basically closed world has been challenging. So many front-line workers have been pushed far past mere exhaustion, and have done so much, whereas our part in this collective struggle is to simply isolate. What a world of extremes.

As we begin to look forward to a more open world, I thought it would be fun to develop a list of 10 places I would like to either return to, or even visit for the first time. Let me know yours!

So .. in no particular order:

1) A pint of Guinness at The Confession Box Pub in Dublin. Many consider this the best pint in Ireland and some good craic and lively conversation just sounds fun!

Some quality pub time